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Santa Klaus Around The World

In North America, we are familiar with Jolly ‘Ol St. Nick with the red velvet outfit and long, white beard. But there are different versions of Santa Klaus around the world. Here’s a list of Santa’s many versions around the world. Krampus: Austria, Germany, France, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia and Hungary Krampus comes from traditional German…

Village In Cambodia Build Sex Huts For Teen Girls

sex huts in Ratanakiri province in Cambodia

In Ratanakiri, a remote province, in Cambodia the creyung lead a quiet village life. They have a tradition that the Western world will find difficult to understand. Any visitor to the village will notice small huts scattered around the area. The huts seem like simple living quarters. However, they are actually huts belonging to young…

Bride Kidnapping Tradition In Kyrgyzstan

girl being kidnapped to force into marriage

In rural Kyrgyzstan men still take part in bride kidnapping to get married. The tradition says that a man can take any woman in the streets to force her into marriage. The man normally gathers friends and family to kidnap the woman. The woman is brought in, dressed in a wedding dress, and married the…