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Elderly Woman Yanked Off Maimi Metro Train (VIDEO)

WSVN-TV – A Miami Metrorail security forced an elderly woman off the train because she was singing gospel songs. In the cell phone video, Emma Anderson, 82, can be seen singing gospel hymns when a guards walks up to her and says, “Let’s go. You’re getting off here.” The security guard then grabs her suitcase…

Subway Passengers Get Live Dance Performance (VIDEO)

Two men perform in a New York Subway train. The two took turns dancing to “This is how we do it” in a subway train in New York. Using the handle bars and poles, the two pulled themselves up, swung around, and danced in front of subway riders.

Girl Dances Topless On Train In Mexico (NSFW VIDEO)

SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL VIDEO(NSFW): A sexy stripper ripped off her clothes and danced topless in a subway train. Luna Bella stripped to her underwear and bra on a busy train and gave commuters a “lap dance.” One middle-aged man is seen smiling from ear-to-ear as Luna wiggles her bum in his face.   Ms….

Man Killed After Being Pushed Infront Of Subway

A subway passenger was crushed to death after being hurled onto the tracks by a crazed panhandler who had been harassing people waiting on the platform. Father-of-one Ki Suk Han, 58, was seen struggling to get back to safety, moments before he was hit by a train as it pulled into Times Square station. A…

Crazy Woman Thrown Off Subway (VIDEO)

A woman’s subway rage has received more than 500,00 views on YouTube. The woman was in a Sydney Metro. The video of the woman shows that spit, swore, and hit other passengers. The video apparently received views not because of her bad behavior, but how other passengers resolved the problem. After several minutes of the woman behaving…

Girl Almost Beheaded By Train

This girl was almost decapitated by an oncoming train. The video shows a young girl sticking her head out of a moving train unaware of an oncoming train coming from the opposite direction. She and friends were laughing and joking around. One of the male friends suggested that she stick her head out of the…