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Real Life Barbie Is Not A Human – Documentary

In a full length documentary, the “Real Life Barbie”, Valeria Lukyanova, exposes her life and beliefs. **************************** ALL STORIES BELOW: – Real Life Barbie Documentary: – Real Life Barbie Story: – 1000 Years In Jail: – Girl Suing NHS For Big BOOBS: – Josie Cunnigham Back Story: – How Royal Baby Will Look As Teen:

Real-life Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova: “I’m From Another Universe”

If looking like Barbie isn’t weird enough, Valeria Lukyanova says she’s from a different universe. Lukyanova from Ukraine lives on a liquid-only diet, is married and believes she’s from another planet. Valeria and her friend, Olga “Dominica” Oleynik explains: “Me and Lera, we come from the constellation of Pleiades. There, such looks are normal.” Lera,…

Real Life Barbie Doll – Valeria Lukyanova In the lyrics of the song, Barbie Girl, it goes, “I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world, life is plastic, it’s fantastic.” But this time a woman from Ukraine may have achieved Barbie-dom and she is not plastic…well, sort of. Photos of her show that she actually looks like Barbie! However, many doubt…