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Baby Fights Dragon (VIDEO)

Wearing a yellow romper suit just like in Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon and Kill Bill, this baby was kung-fu fighting. A cute baby innocently playing in the yard was suddenly confronted by a cuddly dragon. The dragon kicks the baby’s toy and challenges him. The baby gets ready to fight as “Dragon Baby.” “Dragon…

Woman With One Arm Looks For A Job

Tisha Sheldon screen shot from youtube video

Watch the latest video at A woman with one arm looks for a job. Tisha Shelton has a degree, but has had a hard time looking for a job since July. When all else failed, she made a video youtube of her life to try and impress employers of what she can do. In…

Boy Builds An Arcade Out of Cardboard Boxes

A 9-year-old boy built an entire arcade out of cardboard. Caine Monroy’s father said he loved taking things apart, but was never be able to put them back together. To his surprise, Caine started to build arcade games out of cardboard boxes in his garage. At first, no one wanted to play his makeshift arcade…