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Autistic Boy Beats Himself Up, Treated With Marijuana (VIDEO)

KPTV – FOX 12 An 11-year-old Oregon boy gets medical marijuana to manage his self-destructive rages. The boy’s family was so desperate that they have turned to controversial medical marijuana treatments. The family, who describes the boy as “severely autistic”, said the treatment has helped their child tremendously. Alex Echols suffers from tuberous sclerosis, a…

Mom Makes Toddler Smoke Weed

[WATCH FULL VIDEO HERE] A mother makes her child smoke weed. We’ll surely be adding this to the mother of the year award. NOT! The woman smokes weed while the toddler sits on her lap. Then she decides to pass the weed over to the baby. Of course, children will copy what their parents do….

Lady Gaga Smokes Marijuana In Amsterdam Concert

Lady Gaga smoking marijuana at a concert

Lady Gaga smokes marijuana at her concert in Amsterdam. Lady Gaga was performing in Amsterdam when she busted out a giant spliff and started smoking on stage. Smoking marijuana in Amsterdam had been decriminalized, so fans at the concert were not surprised.