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Biggest Lips In The World – Kristina Rei

Kristina Rei has the biggest lips in the whole world! A new world record. **************************** ALL STORIES BELOW: – BIggest Lips : – Alien Is A Human: – Handsome Men Deported Pics: – Facebook Hiring Hackers: – Woman Too Fat To Tan:

Mother of Six Wants to Have the Largest Breasts in the World

Lacey Wildd who is a mother of six and a 44 year old model wants to be known for having the largest breasts in the world. Currently she is sitting at LLL and has had 12 surgeries to get there! Her breasts weigh 21 pounds and she had to have surgery to add more muscle…

Boy With 25 Fingers And Toes

A four-year-old boy has 25 fingers and toes. Arpan Saxena has a two rare genetic disorders. Polydactyl causes the person to have more fingers and toes. Syndactyl causes the fingers and toes to be fused together. Arpan has 13 fingers and 12 toes, but enjoys celebrity status in Bhopal, India. The boy says he cannot…

Highest Skydive: Jumping From The Edge Of Space

man jumping from space

Austrian man attempts highest skydive jump from the edge of space. Felix Baumgartner will attempt to jump 120,000 feet in August. A test jump was done in March where he jumped 71,000 feet and hit a speed of 365 mph. The daredevil skydive mission, named Stratos, is being financed by Red Bull. The plan is…