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Lululemon Yoga Pants Recall

Lululemon recalls see-through black yoga pants. The Vancouver-based company announced yesterday that they’re pulling the popular black Luon yoga paints from store shelves because the sheer material gave “unwanted exposure” to their customers’ assets. After this announcement, Lululemon’s shares went down from $65.38 to $2.12. The company blames their supplier in Taiwan. “The materials used…

Extreme Yoga Poses

From the young to the old, here are images of extreme yoga poses around the world. Check out extreme yoga poses:

Human Motorcycles: Naked Women

An artist creates motorcycles out of humans. The images are of naked women covered in body paint. Even the woman riding the “bike” is naked and covered with paint. Body paint artist, Trina Merry, did an amazing job blurring the lines of reality in this concept that . will take part in the International Motorcycle…

Woman Goes Topless In New York (VIDEO)

woman goes topless in New York City

Moira Johnston goes topless to fight for her rights. She wants to be allowed to go topless as men do. Johnston, a topless dancer from Philadelphia, is trying to raise awareness of a long forgotten New York state law that allows women to go topless anywhere. Back in January, Johnston was kicked out of her…