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Woman With One Arm Looks For A Job

Tisha Sheldon screen shot from youtube video

Watch the latest video at A woman with one arm looks for a job. Tisha Shelton has a degree, but has had a hard time looking for a job since July. When all else failed, she made a video youtube of her life to try and impress employers of what she can do. In…

Kid On Anaesthesia – Hilarious (VIDEO)

matthew laying down in the bed

This kid describes how it feels like to be under anesthesia. Matthew Russell is the kid in the video. He tells his parents “I feels dizzzaay.” His comments are hilarious. At one point he asked a woman named Deedee, “why are there two of you?” No wonder this video has become popular on YouTube. Watch…

Desperate overweight man seeks help on youtube video

Robert, a man who is about 700 lbs, posted a video pleading for help. On March 2, 2012, his birthday, he posted a desperate plea to help him lose weight. He claims that he has tried everything possible to rid of his excess weight even undergoing surgery. However, he has not been successful. In the…