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Teacher Cannot Get Fired

mug shot of valerie yarnA teacher in Rochester, New York cannot be fired.

Olivia Holley, a former student, complained about her teacher, Valerie Yarn, 5 years ago. An incident happened in the classroom where valerie Yarn was the teacher where, under the pretense of a medical exams, told students to remove their shirts and bras. Holley was one of those students.

Holley knew that asking to take their tops off was inappropriate so she told her mother.

They both complained to school officials it and turned out there had been numerous complaints about Yarn for years.

Holley and her mother were shocked that Yarn was still teaching.

School officials had been trying to remove her from the school, but because she is a tenured teacher, she is protected under the Teacher’s Union.

Yarn had been repeatedly accused of inappropriately touching female colleagues and sending sexually suggestive cards, letters, and emails to colleagues.

And while She had been asked to stop by supervisors and the courts, she continued to send these sexually implicit letters and emails.

In addition to inappropriate behaviour, her records reveal that she constantly shows up late for work. She comes to work without a lesson plan and gives failing grades to students without any reason.

Teacher’s Union protects teachers in New York and states that everyone has the right to due process.

School officials had been trying to fire Yarn since 2009.

Jay Worona, who represents the state school boards, said that Teacher’s Unions and its lawyers protect its teachers including the bad ones above the needs of taxpayers and students.

On average, legal proceedings can take a year and a half. It could cost up to $280,000 to fire a tenured teacher.

She was recently suspended from her teaching job, but can still come back if she passes a psychological analysis.

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