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Teacher Keeps Job After Slapping Kindergartener

A teacher from Albany, GA will keep her job after slapping a student.

Phys Ed teacher, Tracy Drayton, was shown on surveillance footage showing her slapping a student.

Drayton was suspended on a 30-day unpaid suspension. However, Turner Elementary School went against the school board’s superintendent’s suggestion to terminate her. They have allowed her to keep her job. She is required to attend an anger management course before going to anther school on a probationary assignment.

The surveillance footage captured from the school gym shows Drayton dragging a kindergarten student across the gym and slapping the student across the face.

School principal Gail Solomon testified that Drayton had a clean record in her 22-year career in the district.

The principal also said that the child had a history of misbehaviour and “tantrums.”

But Dougherty County School System Chair James Bush said that it was wrong for a teacher to lay their hands on a child. Since Drayton had no such incident in the past 22 years, the incident may be isolated and does not constitute immediate termination.

Although Drayton gets to keep her job, she has also been charged with assault and battery which will be overseen by the District Attorney’s office.

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  • Hannah

    It’ll be better if she works as a….!! Guess it, what? 😉

    • Tittery

      …a cobbler!!

      • Hannah

        lolll.. You’re right!

  • Tittery

    She looks like a thug >,<

  • Fatema

    I think, She’s in the wrong profession :(

  • Tim Clerk

    Where I live, teachers know better than to put their hands on any child. We retaliate.

  • JhonX

    Teaching is clearly not the profession for her. How can anyone justify letting this person keep their job?

  • Favio

    Problem teacher,not problem student.