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Teacher Leaves Family and Moves in with his Student

A former California teacher left his family and career to be with his 18-year old student.

Both James Hooker, 41, and Jordan Powers, 18, deny starting a relationship at school. Hooker taught at Modesto’s James Enochs High School while Powers was a student. He claims that they waited until he resigned before they “took it to the next level.”

He left his wife and three kids to be with Powers.

“I know my family is probably disappointed in me,” Hooker said. “They’re probably confused in what we’re doing. I’m not sure how to explain it to them. … I am just following my heart and this is the direction I’m going in.”

The couple went public about their love on “Good Morning America” Thursday. The news raised not only eyebrows but also concern across the country. Questions of when the relationship started and if Powers was underage at the start of the relationship are under investigation.

Power’s mother, Tammie Powers, is one of their biggest critic. She is angry and wants Hooker arrested. She does not believe that the relationship did not start in school. She has posted on Facebook about her discovery of phone records showing long, late-night phone calls and more than 8,000 text messages between the couple.

The 18-year-old has said that she is in love with Hooker.

“Yes, I do love him,” Powers said.”He’s my best friend. I mean, he’s more than just a lover.”

The couple met while she was a freshman in high school and he was her business class teacher.

“We don’t expect people to understand,” Powers said.

Hooker added that a relationship like theirs will be misunderstood.

“It’s just difficult to hear things that aren’t true, and to be perceived as wrong no matter what our case is,” Hooker said.

Hooker left his wife and three children. One of whom is a 17-year old daughter who attends the high school where used to he work. This is also the school his girlfriend will be graduating from this spring.