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Teachers By Day, Wrestlers By Night (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Teachers by day, wrestlers by night.


Twins Lucy and Kelly Knott are called the Blossom Twins in the ring. They have been wrestling since the age of 12.

During the day, both women, are teaching assistants at St Winifred’s RC Primary School. At night, they quickly change to their alter-egos as professional wrestlers.

The duo wears Union Jack crop tops and shorts as they fight it out with other opponents from around the world.



The sisters have been in professional wrestling since they were 16 and obtained quite a status in the wrestling world.

The twins are set to appear in the TNA British Boot Camp. There they will be competing for the chance to become part of the TNA team.

Watch the Blossom Twins in action:

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  • Serena

    How do they balance the two professionals?.

  • Elvis

    The twins are so talented.