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Teen Punches Woman Who Called Him “Smelly Nigerian” (VIDEO)

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A man tried to punch a woman in a London subway train after she called him a “smelly Nigerian.”

The video was posted in YouTube and was entitled “Racist Woman On London Train Gets What She Deserves!”

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The racist comment came after an argument erupted between the two passengers. Apparently, the two started arguing when the 19-year-old man stepped on the woman’s shoe.

The two traded insults at each other. She called him a “smelly Nigerian” and the teen calling her an “escort.”


The teen became furious as the argument went on. He then lunged at the woman after accusing her of throwing a bottle at him.

Other passengers pulled him away from her and asked him to ‘relax’ and ‘let her go.’

Almost three minutes into the video, the subway driver asked what is happening over the intercom where the fight came to an end.

A Twitter user known as Cidz Carnage, who uses the user name @carnageofficial, is believed to be the youth involved. He tweeted on Tuesday: ‘Oi some racist women was giving it to me today, then she hit me with a bottle then i f***ed her over dumb b****.’

He later tweeted: ‘Calling me a smelly african… Then having the audacity is hit me with a bottle.’

The day after he posted: ‘Remember Racism is Disgusting and Totally Unacceptable’.

He has since deleted his posts.

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  • Gracia

    She did hit him first however he should have been more composed she is a woman after all.

  • Rayan

    I think she provoked him…I would not like to be called “Smelly” at the age of 19! Disgusting..

  • Bolt

    Only a coward hits a women. end of!

  • Xamption

    Right or wrong, you’ve lost the argument when you resort to violence!

  • Virat

    Big man beating on a 😉

  • Clara

    Both as rude, ignorant and deserving as each other.

  • Hussain

    I think the guy’s behavior was unacceptable. He provoked the woman who isn’t white anyway. The guy was racist.

  • Vivian

    This man could have just apologized and let it go

  • Glaham

    This woman really got what she deserved,