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Teen Helps Mother and Kids Escape ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Massacre

A 19-year-old teen helped a mother with two children escape the ‘Dark Night Rises’ massacre in Colorado.

ABC News reunited Patricia Lagoretta with her rescuer, Jarrell Brooks. He suffered minor injuries from a gunshot wound to his leg.

Brooks saw Lagoretta with her two kids struggling to get out of the chaos. He quickly ran to their side to help the mother of two. He then slowly guided the trio towards the exit. But as they tried to get out of the theater, Brooks was shot in his leg.

Brooks told ABCNews that he sat close to the back of the theater. He saw the gunman standing close to the screen. He was only able to see him because of the gunshots.

Lagoretta’s boyfriend, Jaime, was also in the theater that night. It is unclear why Jaime was not in the theater with Lagoretta and the children when the shooting started. Days after the shooting he proposed to her.Dark Knight Rises Hero reunited with mother he saved on ABC News

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