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Teens copy Project X movie, Breaking in & Trash new home

A group of teens caused $80,000 to $100,000 worth of damages to newly built Houston homes.

Private investigator, Mark Stephens, reported that a group of Cypress Ranch High School teens broke into the empty homes to throw a party. They caused significant damage to the homes which included broken windows and ripped sheet rock.

After the first home was vandalized, Stephens kept surveillance on the other houses. He allegedly found the group of teens in the middle of a party at another house a few houses down. He said sinks were filled with ice, vodka and beer. He also reported that kids were smoking marijuana.

The 11 teenagers involved in the incident were arrested by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. They face charges of criminal trespassing at 21000 block of Refuge Creek Drive. Two younger teens were involved in breaking and entering. Stephens reportedly caught the teenagers just in time before any damage was done to the second home.

According to Stephens, the teens were inspired by the movie Project X. A movie about high school teens throwing a party for popularity which spins out of control.

“I said, ‘What even possessed you to break into a house and have a party?’” Stephens said. “A couple kids said Project X…Of course, it was right after the movie was released.”

The investigation is still ongoing.

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