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Teens Messed With The Wrong Woman

Priscilla Dang's close upTwo mischievous youths messed with the wrong woman.

Prisicilla Dang, 23, had been practicing martial arts since she was a child.

Last Friday, while out on a job in a Vancouver, Washington neighborhood, she encountered two boys on her path. The two teenagers, 16 & 18, approached her from behind.

“One went in front and made eye contact with me like a smirk, like I thought he was saying ‘Hi,'” Dan described the encounter. “The next thing I knew I was pretty much groped on my bottom behind left side.”

One of the boys called her names and that’s when she snapped. She grabbed him and told him to apologize. The boy did not hesitate to apologize.

However, the second teen took a knife out of his pocket. Dang was able to throw a few punches and used the boy’s bike as a shield.

Fortunately, people who witness the attack called 911.

Both teens were arrested by the police. The 16-year-old was released to his parents. The 18-year-old is facing fourth-degree assault charges.

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