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Texas College Shooting

Three people were shot at a Houston, Texas college.

Lone Star College’s North Harris campus was evacuated and locked down right after the shooting. According to KTRK, the shooting happened near the campus library when a fight between two students erupted.


Two people of interest had been detained. However, no arrests or formal charges have been filed.


By 3pm Tuesday, the situation seemed to be under control. The campus will re-open today.

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  • Maxwel

    I hope those responsible with the shooting will be arrested and charged soon.

  • Davil

    Sorry to the injured, quick recovery

  • Reihner

    This gun control thing must be implemented really soon.

  • Purity

    Something must be done.

  • Vivian

    Why should students always sort issues by fighting, they should mature up.

  • Greggory

    Now who will cater for the hospital bill for the injured

  • Theomark

    I feel sorry for the injured

  • Annabel

    I believe the police were involved that’s why nothing has been done