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Texas Schools Put Tracking Chips On Student ID

Andrea Hernandez Texas student who is against RFID student IDTwo schools in Texas have implemented a student ID tracking chip.

The “Student Locator Project” is in its trial stages in two Northside district schools. The new student ID’s are embedded with radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips that can track students’ location.

John Jay High School and Anson Jones Middle School have officially launched the program on October 1st. Students are required to wear the ID’s around their neck. And without the ID’s, students cannot access school areas like the cafeteria, library or cannot buy tickets for extracurricular activities.

According to reports, the school district threatens to “suspend, fine or involuntarily transfer students” who do not comply to the ID rules.

One student says her teacher told her that she was not allowed to vote for homecoming king and queen if she doesn’t use her new ID. She continues to use her old student ID which originally could be used for the four years she was in highschool.

The tracking program could save money for the district. Attendance determines school funding, so the district finds it is important that students are tracked.

The school district website says that the program would “increase student safety and security, increase attendance and offer multi-purpose ‘smart’ student ID card that streamlines grounds access and purchasing power.”

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  • Marsha Sanchez

    Tracking chips on student’s ID is a wonderful idea! It is good to have this in school nowadays.

  • Dannah

    Safety and Security are what the school’s focus upon putting tracking chips to the students ID. This was a wonderful idea. I hope all school could have this!

  • Julia

    Students who are fond of leaving their ID’s at home won’t do that anymore! LOL

  • Pia

    It is a nice idea! It would really increase safety and security of the students!

  • Gerry C

    Can this tracking system track all the activities of the students?

    • Hyder

      May be.

    • Kelly Johnson

      It can attract their location, but not their activity I guess.

  • Hyder

    WOW! Really a great step for the safety of students. Must be appreciate.