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  • K-Canon

    screw the pokelove and I’m good

  • Bob Z

    What I want to know is how any sort of dress got involved in this equation?
    I guess I spend too much time looking at a different part of the interwebs…

  • Mar

    to the first two comments really? you both have everything else except Emma Watson’s face? thats epic, I think shes ugly anyway. I would love to actually know a girl like that haha

  • Jennifer

    Well, dang nabbit. If only I looked like Emma Watson. Then, I’d be good.

    • Anonymous

      same. If I looked like emma watson, I wouid be all set. oh, and I do not have a mute button, unless you hand me a book or a video game controller.

    • Anonymous

      you have a bacon dress and beer dispenser? marry me 😛

  • Elly

    Ahhhhaaa!! Funny one!

  • Sheri

    Like this cartoon. But, don’t like Emma :(

  • Favio

    I want to say her a Superlady 😉

  • Angel

    She is really perfect!

  • Kristen

    This is funny! Eeh.