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  • Anonymous

    #8 Sailor Moon

  • Kyuuu

    Sorry but icant even see the pic

  • errr……

    pic 10 to aru majutsu no index as well ass pic 4 and pic 7,now tell me what is the 8th pic?

  • Ashura

    pic 1# To love ru
    pic 2# Naruto
    pic 3# Infinite stratos
    pic 9# Bleach
    pic 11# Seikon no Qwaser
    pic 14# Pokemon
    pic 15# Canaan

  • Anonymous

    Pic 2 is Get backers

  • http://gmail BAD ASS

    11# Seikon no Qwaser watched the first season not censored :) but second one is so i was sad and nearly got epilepsy

  • http://fgyfyjf anybody

    pic 1# – To Love Ru
    pic 3# – I.S Infinite Stratos
    pic 5# – Clannad
    pic 12# – Kore wa zombie desu ka

    The only ones I know…

  • someone

    what’s is name of last pic anime

    • RandomOtaku

      The last pic anime is named Canaan.

  • anime1231

    Toaru Majutsu no Index

  • nayru9572

    What anime are these scenes from?