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  • Bresnan

    But, I can see a tiger in the boundary !!! And they might be looking to that 😉

  • Favio

    Hey, I don’t see anything there. Do you??

    • Mark Fuller

      No, I don’t see. But, maybe they find something 😛

  • Clara

    They are playing, may be hide and seek!

    • Elly

      Is it the form of Hide and Seek ??

      • Clara

        Seems like that.

  • Karen

    lol the dog and the boy is just playing…very cute…

  • Lauren Swift

    Lol I think the kid is playing with his dog. It’s very cute!

  • JhonX

    Nice pic !! I love it, ya!

  • Mahbub

    They are trying to see something, but they can’t :(

  • Sheri

    Cute picture!! The two little kids might be try to see something interesting there, as we know, kids can find always interesting things in a very general object.

  • Lovina

    I think they did not see anything! look carefully they just banging their heads to the fence lol…

  • Sean

    I think they are just secretly “pee” on the gate

    • Fatema

      Ha..Ha..lollll !!!!