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Third Case Of Cannibalistic Incident In Florida

man who bit off chunk of another man's arm and ate it
Here’s another story added to cannibalistic stories in recent months. A man from Palmetto, Florida bit off a chunk of a man’s arm and ate it.

Charles Baker who was on drugs went to his girlfriend’s house to visit his children. But when he got there, he started screaming, took his clothes off and bit on a man’s arm and ate it. He was tasered several times before getting arrested by cops.

Baker, 26, was allegedly high on drugs. At this time, police do not know what type of drugs he used.

While screaming and stripping naked in his girlfriend’s house, Jeffrey Blake,48, who lives in the home, tried to restrain him. Baker bit his arm and chewed off the flesh he bit off of Blake’s arm.

When cops arrived, Baker wouldn’t stop. According to ABC News, he was going wild and screaming at police.

One of the officers used a Taser on Baker. He fell, but got back up and pulled it off of him. They were able to subdue him by using a handheld stun gun twice.

Police took him to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation just before sending him to jail.

This is the third case of flesh-biting and eating in Florida.

Many believe there’s a zombie apocalypse coming, we think it must be the heat.

What do you think?

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