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This Is How You Look Like On Meth (PHOTOS)

This is you…… This is you on meth.

A London based photographer created a project he calls “Half” that features the effects of drug addiction.

The project featured the physical effects of substance abuse on people. The photographer, Roman Sakovich, created split images to show individuals before and after addiction.

The snapshots reveal the Jekyll and Hyde nature of crystal meth.

At first, the images look as if they were photoshopped. But the images were created using the talents of make-up artists and costume designers.

Check out the photographs in “Half”:

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  • Yoga Lee

    Nice mixing with real life!

  • Kevin

    Awesome photoshoped photos 😛

  • Irena

    I like meth and these photos too!

  • Fatema

    Great photo manipulations!

  • Angel

    Dangerous! I don’t wanna be a part of meth 😛