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Time Magazine Breastfeeding Cover Inappropriate?

Has Time Magazine gone too from with there latest cover?

The cover of the latest issue of Time magazine is jaw dropping.

It features a woman with a three-year-old boy latched onto her breasts while standing on a chair.

The cover story talks about “attachment parenting.” This is an approach where parents breastfeed and co-sleep with their children.

The woman featured in the Time cover is Jamie Lynne Grumet. And that is her son. She believes in attachment parenting along with three other parents who were photographed breastfeeding their children.

Co-founder of Best for Babes, Bettina Forbes, defended the Time cover. She said that three-year-olds are not too old to be breastfeeding.

She also mentioned that she would have preferred the cover to feature a celebrity like Jennifer Garner, but she’s quite happy with what they got.

“We understand that Americans are uncomfortable with [the Time cover],” she told TMZ.

“However, in other cultures where babies wean themselves normally, usually somewhere around age three or four, it is perfectly acceptable.”

Some believe that Time Magazine made the bold move in order to desperately sell more magazines. Insiders say that Time may be shocking their way into the news cycle to get more readers.

“There is no question the morning shows and The View are going to be all over this, and Time can claim to be talked about (if not read),” said Glynnis MacNicol, a journalist who covers media.

We don’t know what Time magazine was thinking when they decided to feature breastfeeding. But we think they got the idea from the Oreo cookie ad.

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