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Toddler Survives Tornado then Dies

A toddler who was swept up in a the Indiana tornado along with her family succumbed to her injuries. She was found in a field about 10 miles from where their mobile home was.

Angel Babcock, 14 months, was pulled from life support on Sunday at 4:10pm.

Her mother, Moriah Brough, 21 was found under a tree nearby with her brother Jayden, 2, and baby sister, Kendall, 2 months. Kendall was still strapped into her baby seat.

Her 21-year-old father was found dead across the road from their home.

Her grandparents made the decision to take her off life support due to her extreme injuries. Angel suffered severe injuries to her head which included brain damage. Her grandparents spent her last days at her bedside in Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky.

Jason Miller, a neighbour, tried to offer the family shelter in his bigger mobile home when the tornado hit. While doing so he was picked up by the twister and hurled across the road. He suffered several broken bones, but is in stable condition in the hospital.

There were 39 people confirmed who died in the storms which tore through 17 states. The area stretched from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes. The worst towns hit by the twister were the towns of Marysville and Henryville in Indiana, and New Liberty, Kentucky. Reportedly these towns were completely wiped out.

Indiana suffered an EF-4, the second highest tornado rating possible. The tornado reached 175 mph hitting Henryville. It left devastation 50 miles wide.

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