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Topless Femen Protest After Pope Resigns (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

A group of topless women activists stormed Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral on Tuesday to celebrate Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation.

The women, who are affiliated with the radical feminist group FEMEN, flashed their breasts and banged the bells in the cathedral.



Each woman had a slogan drawn on their torsos. Some of the slogans read “Bye Bye Benedict” and “No more homophobe”.

The pope’s announcement of his resignation shocked the Catholic community. But FEMEN seems to be quite happy to hear the news.



Femen protestor being pulled out of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.
Femen protestor being pulled out of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

The “French Femen sextremists” wrote on their website that the protestors had a “funeral march” for the pope.

One photo was captioned:

“FEMEN France noted the final hour of the homophobic Pope. FEMEN is congratulating the whole progressive world with the resignation of fascist Benedict XVI from the place of the head of the Catholic mafia. It’s symbolic that today is the day of the voting of law of same-sex marriage in France. The ex-Pope was a fierce opponent of gay marriages. FEMEN applaud the complete capitulation of the middle age homophobia! Pope go to the devil! Viva common sense! Viva freedom!”

The topless women entered the cathedral where they banged on the bronze bells that were made for Notre Dame’s 850th anniversary. The staff eventually turned the lights off and alerted security. The women were then dragged out by security.



FEMEN has been known to stage topless protests to raise awareness for poverty among women. Some of their protests include protests in the Ukraine and during the World Economic Forum in Davos.

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  • Florence Kiddy

    Who are this women to judge him of all the wrong things they say he did, do they have any evidence to their claim?

  • Peter Steve

    If the pope resigned because of health issues, we should not condemn him and accuse him for anything

  • Ruth Jons

    It was not a good idea for the pope to resign

  • Clifford Wanenonli

    How can you protest against a shameless act with a shameless action? Isn’t that absurd

  • Shalon Marcars

    This women should be ashamed to protest in church topless.