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Topless Thief Runs Out Of Crime Scene

topless thief mug shotA thief runs away topless from crime scene.

Aishana Clayton tried to escape arrest after shoplifting by running topless.

Clayton was caught on surveillance camera stealing diapers at a Pennsylvania Pathmark store.

Security guards were able to capture her and took her to a store holding area. But Clayton was able to escape by punching and biting a female guard.

As she ran away, the guard grabbed of Clayton’s shirt. She wiggled her way out of her shirt and ran out topless.

Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood told that Clayton’s “breasts were swinging as she ran to the car.”

The car used for the getaway was recovered later. However, Clayton is still on the loose hopefully with a shirt on.

She faces charges of robbery, retail theft, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and harrassment.

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