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Topless Trampoline World Championships (VIDEO)


The funny video features Chris O’Dowd and a dozen topless women jumping on the trampoline.

O’Down opens the video saying he is a health and safety officer at the Topless Female Trampolining World Championships.

Chris O'Down with topless trampoline women

The video was made for charity to help breast cancer awareness. Women are not the only ones at risk of breast cancer. There had been 371 cases in 2009 of breast cancers in men. Andrew Tokely is one of them.

Chris along with the Male Cancer Awareness and breast cancer charity Coppafeel! aim to use the video to raise awareness for breast cancer.

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  • Unnamed

    Really a funny shit. But, their breasts are looking quite healthy 😉

  • Gracia

    It’s a one kind of drama to increase their publicity.

  • Lauren Swift

    Many men would probably like this kind of charity work! Their eyes will be benefited too! lol

  • Tom Warrior

    What a funny post !!! May be they try to show us that, they don’t have any cancer in their breasts 😉 lolzz!!

  • Clara

    Isn’t it a one kind of pornography?? They try to rising awareness, yeah?? Seems good, but, why they get naked to do so??

  • Alicia Hamilton

    I could not carry, what they are doing! Anyway it is for breast cancer awareness. It kinda good after all.

  • Sean

    It’s nice to see topless girls! LOL.. but it is nicer they have doing this for breast awareness. thumbs up guys!

  • Mark Fuller

    This is really a great approach to rising the awareness for Breast Cancer. Yeah, it’s right that, now a days not only women get suffers form it but also men. So, undoubtedly it’s an appreciated step.

    • Annie J.

      You have your point, but I think it is not good for children seeing a bunch of topless woman in a video. Even though their intention is good.

  • Boamojo

    Why am I not surprised? It seems like everything is topless these days. I think that they even have topless basketball

  • Jinny

    Topless girls… Can’t complain