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Tornado rips through Dexter, Michigan

Another tornado hit the United States this week.

Dexter, Michigan was hit by a twister that ripped through more than 100 homes. It caused damage to power lines, trees and flooded neighborhood roads.

Washtenaw county Sheriff’s Deputy Ray Yee said he approached a home Thursday and saw a hand sticking out. The person turned out to be an elderly man stuck in the rubble. The man was not badly hurt.

Yee said that no one had been badly hurt.

“That’s the best part. Every place I went to, I would have thought I would have found somebody laying there – deceased or whatever. But, knock on wood, everybody was OK.”

The tornado had winds around 135 mph, according to National Weather Service meteorologist Steve Freitag. He said the tornado touched ground for about half an hour with a path that was about 10 miles long.

Two subdivisions suffered damage. Sharon Carty who lives in Huron Farms neighborhood said homes “are pretty much unlivable.”

“And a significant number more than that are severely damaged. One house, the whole front of the house is gone. Folks whose houses were hit are pretty stunned. We don’t get too many tornados around here.”

There had been no other reports of injuries.

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