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Illegal to Die in Italy. Town Bans Dying

In the town of Falciano del Massico, Italy, population 3,700, people are not allowed to die.

The local cemetery’s capacity had been reached. Since then, the town’s mayor ordered a ban on dying.

They hope to get officials to build a new cemetery with this law.

Residents of the small town do not want to be buried in neighboring towns. They claim that it is expensive because the mafia will ask them to pay up.

At this time, officials have not offered to build a new cemetery.






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  • A Mctiernan

    Well, they are near the sea, aren’t they – why not bury those who die out at sea, with a coffin with fretwork top, so the little fishes swim in and eat the corpse – so it benefits everyone – the town, the fish, the relatives. It is of course more ‘green’ and kind to the earth, and saves all the cost of cremation and the waste of fuel. What do we all think about it?