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‘Toy Story’ Recreated In Real-Life (VIDEO)

toy-storyTwo friends recreate “Toy Story” using the real Toy Story toys!

Friends, Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta began with making clips of the Disney-Pixar movie in 2010. Eventually the recreated the entire film. Their recreation was completed last year, but was only posted online recently.

Have you ever wondered how “Toy Story” would be like in real life?

According to Perrotta, their film answers that very question.

“If ‘Toy Story’ was in real life this is what it would look like.”

“Someone who knows the movie really well will say, ‘Wow’, that tiny thin gin the background they got right.”

The two Pixar fans used two rooms in Pauley’s parent’s house for the “Toy Story” set. Many of the toys used were purchased from Goodwill. The two amateur film directors also uses the original soundtrack from the film.

The video posted on YouTube has over 160,000 views to date.

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  • Sheri

    I love woody!!

  • Annabel

    This friends are really creative. Keep up

  • Maria

    I love this movie very much!!

  • Virat

    Too much time on your hands..

  • Clara

    This is truly amazing.

  • Xamption

    Wow. This kid has a serious case of OCD.