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TV reporter bitten by dog is healing and moving on

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Reporter bitten by dog has now recovered and moving on.

It was a news worthy animal rescue that Kyle Dyer was covering. An 85-pound Argentine mastiff named Max fell in an icy river. Once out of the river, Dyer stroked the animal. She leaned in to nuzzle the dog, but as she did Max bit her on the face. The bite nearly severed her lips. The incident was captured on video live on air and became viral.

She received two surgeries and 90 stitches. She is on the road to recovery and is set to return to her job at NBC affiliate KUSA in Denver. She spoke to Ann Curry on TODAY regarding the incident and the lessons she learned.

She admits that she probably made a mistake by leaning in on the dog: “Maybe I was too close; maybe he was unsettled.” According to dog behavior expert, Ron Berman, Dyer may have made the mistake of doing what she did.

“Whether it’s conscious or unconscious provocation, she still created the incident by coming too close to the dog’s face and created a dangerous situation,” Berman told NBC News.

She still bares the scars of the bite. However, she does not feel any anger towards the animal.

“I just knew it was all going to work out,” she told Curry. “I see the dog on TV; he’s back with his family, and we’re all just healing and moving on.”