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Twelve girls experiences Tourette-like syndrome

A senior student, Thera Sanchez, from Le Roy, New york suffers from uncontrollable body “tics” and actions just like Tourette syndrome. Unfortunately, source of her ailment is still unknown. To add to the mystery, there are eleven other students in the same school Sanchez goes to experiencing the same symptoms. Thera’s friend, Katie Krautwurst, also suffers the same tic-like disability.

The State Health department stated that there were no environmental factors or infectious disease that could have caused the girls’ illness. They were told that their physical ailment was stressed induced.

The girls and their mothers came in the Today show for an interview. the mothers claim that the doctors nor the State Health department performed any tests to find out the origins of their illness.

Dr Salz, in the Today show suggested that it may be a psychosomatic disorder since Tourette syndrome and other environmental diseases had been ruled out.

“I want an answer, a straight answer.” said Thera Sanchez, when asked what she wants to get out of going public with her story.

  • Melissa

    i thought it was funny and sick at the same time