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Mom Begs for Help And Refused During Hurricane. Her 2 Sons Die

Hurricane Sandy has left at least 19 people dead. The bodies of two young boys were found by NYPD divers in a nearby marsh. Their mother Glenda, was driving out in the storm, when her vehicle hit a hole in the road. As the torrential downpour continued, she held on tightly to a tree with both Conner and Brandon trying to wait out the storm. She then went up to a nearby house with her two boys to ask if she could be let in. The man who answered said no. When interviewed, the man ‘Allan’ said he had seen a man come up to the door to ask to come outside to help but no woman.

Glenda’s SUV after hitting the hole

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  • http://foursoreI's LeOnard

    I live in wa.dc, it was really bad, a man woman what the differance for real for real as said localy, darn if only was just money we ore somebody could replace the loss, but two young boys tragic without help.

  • Yolanda

    was she black?

    • Rayan


  • Rayan

    Was race a factor in the white homeowner’s decision not to allow a mother and her two young boys to take shelter from the storm in his home?

  • Adam Kimberlin

    My heart is broken over this, it makes no sense to me. She was so close to a safe spot for her children only to be ignored.

  • Irena

    So sad and sickening. Damn you Hurricane Sandy!

  • Fatema

    I know this woman is in deep despair and pain right now. Feel sorry for her ;(

  • Tittery

    I’m feeling really sorry for this poor mother :(

  • Elly

    Very sad :(