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2 Dads Have 78 Kids With 46 Different Women

mugshot of man who has 23 children

Terry Turnage has 23 children with 15 women.

Turnage’s former girlfriend, Latoya Shields, was surprised to hear from a prosecutor that the father of her child has 20 other children three years ago. She said at that time, her daughter was the 21st child. In the eight years that they were together she had no clue on what he had been up to.

According to court papers, Turnage filed a petition to lower child support payments for all his children. He never showed up for the hearing.

Shields says child support is not what bothers her its that Turnage is not part of her daughter’s life.

“She calls him and it’s a ‘hi’ and ‘bye,’ ‘see you later’ type of situation,” she told WREG.

In another report, Richard M Colbert has 25 children with 31 different women in Memphis. All his 25 children are adults, so he doesn’t pay child support.

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