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U.S. Marines Soldiers Peeing on Dead Bodies

A video of at least four Marines urinating on several deal bodies surfaced on the web.

The men are seen joking around while exposing themselves and urinating on the dead bodies. One man said, “Have a great day, buddy.” Another one joked by saying, “Golden like a shower.”

The authenticity of the video has yet to be established, but the United States Marine Corps are taking it seriously. Captain Kendra N. Hardesty, a Media Officer for the U.S. Marines stated, “While we have not yet verified the origin or authenticity of this video, the actions portrayed are not consistent with our core values and are not indicative of the character of the Marines in our Corps.”

“This matter will be fully investigated and those responsible will be held accountable for their actions.” she adds.

The graphic video also has a caption that read, “scout sniper team 4 with 3rd battalion 2nd marines out of camp lejeune peeing on dead talibans.”

The identity of person who posted the video remains unknown.

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  • Favio

    Sorry to hear that, the soldiers do such kind of behave with them…

  • Knijov Dimitri

    Doesn’t it break the rules of Human Rights ?? Huhhhh!!!! US government, You should feel shame for that >_<

  • JhonX

    It is the blemish stuff, I ever seen.. Shame to them…

  • Karl Power

    no thay are not out of line thay kill a lot of our troops its called cama