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Underground Mansion In London

David Graham, a multi-millionaire who lives in London plans to build mansion underground.

Land in Central London is scarce. Since this millionaire can’t build above ground, he plans to dig under his mansion and build a multi-storey mansion.

The underground mansion will be 50 feet deep and will have four levels. It will feature a swimming pool, spa, ballroom and 20 toilets.

It will approximately take four years to build the four-level basement which is why his neighbours are not too happy with the plans.

Graham was given permission to build one level, but he is now asking to extend to four more levels. The 75-year-old Graham says this is a necessary renovation to his house. He said the house doesn’t not provide his fame’s needs “as required by today’s contemporary living.”

The house was built in the 19th century originally as a school. And from the looks of it, is a huge house as it is.

What do you think? Should he be allowed to extend his house underground? Is he greedy or is he just providing for his family?

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