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Video of Sikh Temple Shooting Released (VIDEO)

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Sikh Temple shooting video - officer and suspect exchange fireVideo of Sikh Temple shooting released by police.

Page, a white supremacist, killed a half-dozen people at the Sikh Temple in Milwaukee.

In the video, Page can be seen running after the first police officer that responded to the scene.

Lt. Brian Murphy was shot 15 times and was shot while tending to two victims at the scene.

Page, a 40-year-old Army veteran, went on a shooting rampage at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin. Six worshippers has been killed while four others were wounded. Page killed himself after exchanging fire with Officer Sam Lenda.

The video released by police was captured by Lt. Murphy’s squad car. The video shows how Page runs towards Murphy and shot him several times.

Murphy was released from a hospital on August 22 and is recovering at home. One of the bullets entered his throat. According to Edwards, Murphy can only speak in a whisper.

A video was also obtained from Officer Lenda’s squad car. It showed the officer arriving about 10 seconds after Murphy had been shot. When Page saw Lenda, he started walking towards the squad car.

Lenda, reversed the car and stopped about 60 yards from Page. He took out his rifle and yelled at Page to drop his gun. Page opened fired and hit Lenda’s windshield. Lenda then fired at Page six times.

Page fell on the ground and shot himself in the head.

The motive for the shooting spree is not known. The FBI is still investigating. According to Attorney James Santelle the investigation could take week or months before they can come to any conclusions.

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