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Violence in Syria: Child survived massacre

Homs, an area where sectarian violence between the city’s major confessional communities Allawites, Sunnis and Christians had been ongoing. It is a strategic city in Syria where many parts of the country connect.

Syrian activists posted the video of a rescue mission and found a massacre against Sunnis. They suspect that Allawites caused the horrific death of at least 8 people in the home.

“We’re rescuing the bodies of the martyrs,” a man’s voice says on the video.

The video showed bodies of a woman laying face down and children huddled in a corner. In the bathroom, the men found more bodies. In another room they found a child who was still alive. They believe that the child was hiding there for days amid the dead bodies.

The video was said to have been taken in early February. It highlights the violence against the Sunnis allegedly by the Allawite community. In the video, Sheikh Ibrahim curses the regime and the world for this violence.

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