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Waterproofing Smartphones

Getting a smart phone for the first time is quite exciting. You bring it everywhere with you including going to the bathroom. Then the unimaginable happens….plop! It falls in the toilet. Your expensive smart phone is now a worthless piece of junk.

This year three start-up companies are creating a technology that can waterproof your phone. It is a micro-thin coating made of nanomaterials which protect your phone, but at the same time seamlessly look invisible to the eye. This coating will keep your Iphone or Android phone safe from water.

HzO, P2i, and Liquipel will be displaying their technology at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

“We can’t see why every cellphone on the planet shouldn’t be using our technology,” says Paul Clayson, president and CEO of nanotech firm HzO.

HzO, devised a way to wrap an invisible waterproof shell using a proprietary gas. This shell, the company dubbed as WaterBlocked, is a few molecules thick.

P2i, a British company, also invented a nanofilm that can help keep water off smartphones. They call it the Aridion.

The British company already has a headstart in the industry as it is already being used in many electronic devices including shoes and clothing. Stephen Coulson, founder and CTO of P2i, has created this technology to not only protect phones, but also  military garments from gasoline,  oil, lubricants and nerve agents.

“Things like mustard and VX, which are often referred to as gases but are actually liquids with a substantial water pressure,” he said.

Liquipel is the third company who claim to have a technology to waterproof cellphones, tablets, headphones and others. President Danny Mcphail noted that his technology is nontoxic.

Manufacturers, like Fujitsu, have started to use this technology. They recently revealed an Android-powered waterproof tablet called Arrows at a Consumer electronics event last Jan 8. However, the identity of the coating manufacturer was not revealed.

A June 2011 report from the CTIA Wireless Association reported that there are 327.5 million mobile phones in the U.S. Another study by TNS Global says 82.5 million phones were reported to be unusable due to water or moisture damage. So, the need for this specialized waterproof coating is in demand.

It is unclear as to how much consumers will pay to waterproof their phone, but both HzO and P2i verified that they were in talks with various phone manufacturers.

Whoever comes up on top in this waterproof race, consumers will be happy no matter what. It is good to know that your investment on a smartphone will not be in vain if the phone comes in contact with water or perhaps a toilet accident.

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  • Saifullah

    It’s also a great news for me!!!

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    Wow!! It’s a great news for me !!

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    It’s interesting !!

  • Tittery

    So, now I can take my phone in the under water.. Great!!!!!!

  • Tim Clerk

    It is a one kind of phone cover. But, not like the general one. Thanks to HzO, P2i, and Liquipel for inventing such types of cover.