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Website petitions to boycott Kardashians

Newly formed anti-kardashian website,, is gaining popularity in the media. Over 500,000 signatures have been accumulated for this petition. It’s goal is to push companies to stop doing business with Kim Kardashian.

The founder of the website wished to remain anonymous, but was open for an interview with The New York Daily News. He stated that  Kardashian family lawyer, Christopher T. Wilson, has contacted him threatening to file a criminal harassment complaint against him.

The site alludes to the sweatshop scandal and clearly gives bad publicity to the Kardashians. The owner considers the legal threats to be “laughable,” but has sinced hired his own attorney. refers to the Kardashians as “an embarrassment for our country” and a “stain on our culture.” They hope to attract as many signatures as they can for this petition.

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  • Hussain

    I’m also appreciating this boycott.

  • JhonX

    I hate those guys, who wanna boycott this great star ;(

  • BallyDance

    It’s interesting !!

  • Mark Fuller

    I think Kim is a good actor. But I don’t know why some people annoying her..

  • Meski

    I’m appreciating this boycott. I hate Kim..

  • Sheri

    Is it a protest to Kardashian ? I’ve know many people who, don’t like Kardashian for her attitude. I love the way she act but not her personalty.