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  • Tittery

    I’ve a cat like this one! My cat sit in front of my computer all the time, when I’m at my computer table!

  • Hyder

    Hey, I like you! I need one kitty like you to help me on my working desk! lol 😉

  • Nina Lee

    Who would not like a cute cat like you? 😉

  • Pia

    Well this cat did not know that she/he can be found on the internet too! 😉

  • Teddy

    Internet has a lot of Cats! funny cats, afraid cats, laughing cats etc. that’s why! Not just only cute, like you 😉

  • Julia

    Oh little’re so cute.. LOL

  • Lyssa

    Oh oh.. If my cat appears like that, well I would surely look no other! 😉

  • Marsha Sanchez

    Nice shot Kitty! LOL 😉 I’m gonna like you!

  • Ayesha

    Poor little Kitten trying to seek attention. LOL I do like you from now on! 😉

  • Dannah

    Well from now on, I will like you! lol