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Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus (VIDEO)

This guy made a video about how he hates religion but loves Jesus. e states that religion is deadly to the world and says Jesus came to get rid of it. But can you really separate religion from Jesus? If you believe in Jesus, you by default follow what He says, so wouldn’t that be religion? It’s just kinda hard to see exactly what this guy is saying. I know a lot of people are agreeing with what he said in this video. But what is He really saying when he doesn’t acknowledge following Jesus as religion?

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  • Elly

    Atheist has no place in this earth or after death ;(

  • onemanofGOD

    He does not understand the word and work of Christ. I suggest he reads the word of God more. Christ came to eradicated “False” religion. Read James 1:27… there is a pure and true religion (of God) and corrupt and false religion (of man)..