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Woman Behind Military Breastfeeding Photo Fired

breastfeeding moms in uniform
Mom2MOm spokesperson fired from her job because of the controversial photos of military moms breast-feeding in uniform.

Crystal Scott organized the photo shoot with two military moms as a way to put pressure on the military to accommodate nursing moms. She lost her job as an x-ray technician. she explains that her employer fired her because of the controversy that surrounded the photos.

Scott told Right This Minute, “It’s sad because the media has portrayed Mom2Mom in such a positive light.”

“I was doing something for the good of people. I feel like our organization is making positive changes for women all over the world. To be punished for something that was good was unfortunate.”

The military moms in the photographs were also reprimanded by the military. Their participation in the campaign violated a military rule that military uniforms cannot be used to promote a product or cause.

The photos were created for National Breast-feeding Awareness Week in August. According to Mom2Mom’s Facebook page, they were never meant to be exploitative.

What do you think? Did Scott’s employer have a good reason to fire her or is that controversial as well?

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