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Woman Breastfeeds Monkeys

The wife of a monkey expert reveals how her husband had been successful at being China’s top trainers. She said she breastfeeds his simian monkeys.

Jiao Xinzhen revealed in an interview that she breastfeeds her husband, Huang Aiqing’s monkeys. The school is located in Nanyang, Henan province.

Huang is one of the region’s top monkey trainers. They supply the young apes for work in movies, circuses, theaters and to street performers.

His wife Jiao, explained: ‘Many times, some of the baby monkeys slip onto our bed at night to suck my breasts.’

‘I feel they are just like my children,’ she added.

The couple also adopted one of the monkeys as a second child and playmate for their son Ti.

“When I see him playing with my son I can see how close we are to them and they are to us and I’m pleased my boy has such a good playmate,” Huang said.

What do you think of this woman breastfeeding monkeys? Is it unsafe or just plain weird?

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  • Clara

    I wonder if she is aware of some of the diseases she is potentially exposing herself to?

  • Bolt

    This is weird but considering all the horrid things people do, it’s yeah!

  • Gracia

    I’m kinda conflicted by this. Surprisingly I don’t see it being THAT bad for her to breast feed baby monkeys.

  • Virat

    It is disgusting that these people are exploiting these animal like this.. Sad :(

  • Daniel

    Well, most people don’t think it strange to drink cow or goat milk.

  • Fatema

    I’m Speechless!!! And that does not happen almost EVER!! What a dedicated wife!

  • Povoloski

    Funny news! Just love to read your posts