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Woman Caught Having Sex With A Pit Bull

VandereykA woman was caught having sex with a pit bull.

Las Vegas police arrived at the home of Kara Vandereyk to find her naked and engaging in a sexual act with a pit bull.

The 23-year-old Vandereyk greeted the officers with a “hi” and continued to “touch the dog in a sexual way.”

The woman, who appeared to be on drugs, was then covered with a blanket and was asked questions about her identity. She was also asked questions about the current date and the name of the President, which she was unable to answer.

Vandereyk told police that she was “bipolar” and that she has been on “prescription medication.”

Animal control was asked to remove the dog in her possession while Vandereyk was arrested on a charge of open or gross lewdness.

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  • Lanet Mickey

    God created human beings for human being and animals for animals,period??!!!

  • Danniel loyds

    I wonder how a person can have feelings for an animal?

  • Martha candy

    The issue of human being having sex with animals has become to common to an extend that it is no longer scaring.

  • Emillo jons

    The police were supposed to take the woman to the hospital for medical check up before arresting her.

  • Abigeal Roy

    That woman might be crazy.