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Girl Dances Topless On Train In Mexico (NSFW VIDEO)


A sexy stripper ripped off her clothes and danced topless in a subway train.

Luna Bella stripped to her underwear and bra on a busy train and gave commuters a “lap dance.”

One middle-aged man is seen smiling from ear-to-ear as Luna wiggles her bum in his face.


Ms. Bell claims that her stunt in Moneterey, Mexico was to stress the lack of security in the city’s transportation network.

Ms. Bell strutted her assets for four minutes before a man finally told her to cover up in front of children on the train.

She also made headlines when she disrobed at a university in February.

But what if a guy takes his top off in the subway, would people tell him to cover up? What do you think?

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  • rafiq

    everybody enjoy the things without more ticket

  • DaveK

    Hot little mexican. Those lucky bastards.
    where was I?

    • Anonymous

      سلام مهرداد هستم از تهران. شما

    • Anonymous

      hey sexey