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Woman Faints After ‘Brain Freeze’ Competition (VIDEO)

A woman faints during “Brain Freeze” competition.

The woman was caught collapsing on camera after participating in a brain freeze competition.

The unidentified woman took part in a brain freeze competition held in a water park somewhere in the United States.


The competition host announced, “We call it a brain freeze competition because it will mess with your brain.”

The four contestants were required to sip a cold drink as fast as they could using only a straw. The prize was an express pass worth $50, according to the announcer.


The four contestants began sucking the ice liquid out of the cups using a tall black straw.

The woman glanced at her competitors as they sucked on the ice-cold liquid drink.


She may have tied in first place with another competitor, but then she suddenly stopped. She backed away from the table shaking her hands then she hovers over to the right before she stumbled back on to the table.

The announcer asked “Come on girl are you all right?”


The woman holds on to the table for support as she grabs onto another female contestant.

She then falls forward hitting her chin on the table as the blue liquid comes out of her mouth.


The announcer quickly calls for paramedics.

“Can we get paramedics to the DJ booth, please. Paramedics to the DJ booth.”

There were no reports as to why the woman fainted. It may have been her body’s reaction to extreme and sudden temperature drop in her body.

A brain freeze headache is a symptom of this sudden change. Headaches could last from about 10 seconds to 20 seconds. But some people may experience it longer

The video was actually posted in 2010, but is only gaining viewership now. It has received over 200,000 views on YouTube.

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  • Benjamin Klein

    The things we do for money!!

  • Kethi Kilonzo

    That is very unfortunate….

  • Don Carlos

    That is devastating…did she survive?

  • Paloma Jack

    Some games are very dangerous.

  • Micheal don

    May be the woman didn’t know that her body was weak, because if she knew, she couldn’t not have participated in the competition