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Woman Gets Bad Facial Injections From Spa

Woman suffers infection after getting spa injections.

A woman from Florida had been in the hospital for a month after receiving bad facial injections from a medical spa. She suffered infections from the injections.

Isabel Gonzalez went to Viviana’s Body Secrets Spa in June for vitamin injections to achieve a youthful look.

She did not notice any changes after the first injection. She went back and the owner, Viviana Ayala, injected her again with something else.

Gonzalez described the second injection as being a thicker liquid.

She is now suing Ayala for her injuries. The spa owner was arrested and has planned to plead not guilty.

woman who received bad facial injections and got infected

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  • Karen

    We would never grow any younger! This high technologies effects may help us lessen old age but we must choose specialist for this! Not just trusting anyone who just “can” do. They must choose someone who mastered this kind of procedure ,to prevent any complication.

  • Alona

    I am afraid of injections, and so the side effects of treatments! This blog simply shows that we must be contended of what we have. Beauty is from within and God given. Let us not go so far to achieve impossible beauty lol..

  • Mr. Perfect

    The hard part is the spa owner plan to plea not guilty!! Look at what happened to that woman, where is their conscience? :-/

  • Oliver

    The woman’s face looks horrible! WE must be aware of the bad effects of SPA treatments!

  • Madeline

    Spa and other chemical source beauty products is not recommended! I totally don’t like those kind of stuff. Switch on Natural one! it is more safe and reliable.

  • Lovina

    I felt sorry for her! She only probably wants to be beautiful, but look at her now? She looks like a monster… too bad

  • Clara

    I don’t like to go to the Spa for facial. I know about the bad effects of those treatment of Spa’s. So, for that I always do it naturally. I use self made paste and cream. So, I know there is no bad things instead of natural things like Cucumber, rose or such types fruit. Anyway, I always suggest women’s to avoid the spa’s for their beautification. Use natural things, be healthy and happy!! :)

  • Yoga Lee

    Spa’s sucks !! I really hate this :(

  • JhonX

    Absolutely right. The spa’s can do nothing, but can waste your money and your natural skin.

  • Samia

    Now-a-days women’s are mostly involve themselves in various spa for keeping their youthfulness still. But, most of them don’t know about the side effects/ bad effects of this. Look at this post carefully. Here FTD says that, this women injected herself twice! First time she didn’t get the exact result what the “Viviana’s Body Secrets Spa” said. So, the women take injection again and after that she effected by the side effects of this. Only God knows, she will get well or not or get back her normal skin again. I know about, many women who is still young to look at the age of 50-60 !! Once I said one of them about their secret of their youthfulness. They said me that, “It is not a secret. If you live normally and eat healthy food, always keep your mind fresh and do exercise regularly, then oldness and disease can’t touch you.”
    So, I think it is the important thing that we must leave the artificial things to make us young and we must have to live normally. That’s the main thing, I think.