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Woman Gets Boyfriend’s Name Tattooed On Her Face Hours After Meeting Him


A Russian college graduate allows her new boyfriend to tattoo his name on her face the day they met in person.

According to The Sun UK, Lesya Toumaniantz got a 5inch tall tattoo of her new beau, Rouslan Toumaniantz. She had “Ruslan” inked across both her cheeks in Gothic letters.

Ouch! Lesya Toumaniantz gets her boyfriend, Ruslan's, name tattooed on her face.
Ouch! Lesya Toumaniantz gets her boyfriend, Ruslan’s, name tattooed on her face.

The two met in an online chatroom and are now engaged. The couple’s last name isn’t the same by coincidence. Apparently, Lesya had already changed her last name to Toumaniantz.


Gawker reported that Lesya called the tattoo “a symbol of our eternal devotion.”

“I’d like him to tattoo every inch of my body.”


Rouslan Toumaniantz became infamous on the internet in 2009, when 18 year-old Kimberly Vlaminck accused him of tattooing 56 stars on her face while she slept. Later, Vlaminck recanted her story. She admitted she lied because her father became angry over the face tattoo.

So, is having your boyfriend or girlfriend’s face tattoed on your face a sign of real love? What do you think?

Check out some of Lesya Toumaniantz’s photos below:



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  • Rilev

    That tattoo is just….UGLY

  • Julia lucy

    The lady ruined her beautiful face with her stupidity.

  • Emillo jons

    Different people have different ways of expressing what they feel to their loved ones, if these couple liked it that way,then i have no objection.

  • Danniel loyds

    Having a tattoo of your spouse does not mean anything

  • Griffins

    This is total madness, this man is only her boyfriend not her husband

  • Sugarcoma82

    Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Looks like a beard. She was pretty, too. X